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A Story about Finding the RIGHT Mattress

Posted on February 10, 2015 at 5:30 PM

Find the RIGHT mattress for your back - Sleep SMart. Here's a story that illustrates what I'm talking about:

Several years ago a lady came into the store where I was the manager and she said, "I need the firmest mattress you got." Well, when someone KNOWS what they want I try to show it to them. As I was showing her some FIRM mattresses she kept saying, "No, that's not the one. No, that's not the one." After a few minutes I asked her, "Why did you ask me for the firmest mattress I have when you walked in?" She told me that she had bought three mattresses in the last five years and said, "Obviously I haven't been getting a firm enough mattress because my back is still killing me." I told her that I've been in the business (at that time) for nine years and have helped a lot of people with their sleep and back issues. I asked her if she'd mind if I gave her a little perspective. She said ok. I explained to her that though we NEED a firm core to keep our back aligned correctly she was probably getting TOO FIRM of a mattress. I told her that if a mattress is TOO SOFT it's like a hammock and a hammock is wonderful for an afternoon in Hawaii but NOT good to sleep on on a regular basis. So we NEED a good balance between a firm core and some softness on top to help eliminate pressure points and make it more comfortable. I also told her that when you have some softness on a firm core the softness helps to fill in the small of our back (or side) and give it support - that when a mattress is too firm we get support at our hips and shoulders but that the small of our back doesn't get enough support - it supports itself all night and doesn't get to relax. Besides not getting enough support in the small of the back, the hips and shoulders get TOO MUCH support - they become PRESSURE POINTS - and after awhile they tell the body to move to a different position. So we keep partially waking up every little while and NOT getting a deep sleep.

After I explained a little bit she said, "Hmmm? Show me some mattresses like you're talking about." I did and she found one she liked and bought it. She called me a couple of weeks later to say, "Dave, THANK YOU for spending the time with me to help me understand and find the RIGHT mattress. I'm FINALLY sleeping THROUGH the night for the first time in FIVE years." I LOVE what I do!

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